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I See Red Rage Room

I See Red Rage Room

Welcome to our I See Red Rage Room, where you and your group can book a variety of package options from the options above! This room comes equipped with a smashing station, throwing wall, punching bag, variety of tools to choose from throughout your session, everything in your purchased package, and a BLUETOOTH SPEAKER TO PLAY YOUR OWN JAMS! This room has the ability to host groups up to 10 people. 

*We are currently transitioning our website to another platform, please bare with us as we experience growing pains. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at (503) 208 2001 or send us a message through our website! 



SmashPDX Team

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Bring Your Own Breakables

You can always purchase more breakables for your session!
Corporate Events / Birthdays: Call us at (503) 208-2001 to discuss specific needs outside of this package!

Cost: $30 per person

Duration: 40 Minutes

You can bring:

20 items plus one big item (TV, PRINTER, ETC) Please Be Sure You Can Carry In One Trip

No Light Bulbs, Tube Tv's, Batteries, Food residue, Liquids, Chemicals. All items subject to inspection and denial.

How many people can be in my room?
1 - 10 participants allowed in this room. Only people in your group will be in your room. (this is a per person admission)

Safety Gear Provided - Coveralls, Gloves and a Helmet with face shield and ear muffs

Close Toed Shoes REQUIRED

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